Drug war reporter and urban ethnographer Christopher Moraff presents a series of talks on his more than two decades covering communities marginalized by socio-economic and racial inequality. Moraff spent 10 years as a writer at large for the Philadelphia Tribune, the nation’s oldest African American Newspaper where he penned hundreds of bylines on issues affecting Philadelphia’s Black community. Since January 2017 he has been immersion reporting from the front lines of America’s War on Drugs.

His presentations are designed to elicit discourse as well as to educate; target audiences include pop journalists and journalism students; public health officials, forensic scientists, harm reduction groups and law enforcement officials seeking to better understand how the federal War on Drugs has impacted their profession and made their job more dangerous.

Photo: Seth Dalton

Moraff can speak to the genesis of the overdose crisis, the disruptive effect of synthetic drugs & the ripple effects of failed U.S. drug policy on marginalized communities; he offers tips for journalists and students preparing the enter the field on the ethics of covering vulnerable populations.

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